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arcady shuttle bus - hanoi to cat ba transfer

Hanoi to Cat Ba transfer – All you need to know

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Cat Ba is a beautiful and extremely romantic island in Hai Phong City, this place is always on the list of the most worthy destinations in the North. Just hold on for a second, how to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island? Keep on reading our guidelines for Hanoi to Cat Ba transfer to find the most suitable and reasonable ways for you.


      1. Go straight from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island – Hanoi to Cat Ba transfer:

hanoi hai phong highway - hanoi to cat ba transfer
Hanoi – Hai Phong Highway – Photo from vietnamnet

The most time-saving way to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island is to go straight. There are many high-quality tourist bus companies operating this route such as: Cat Ba Express, Interbus Lines, Fullmoon Party Bus, Good Morning Cat Ba, etc. The travel time is from 3.5 – 4 hours.

  • Arcady Express: This is the new service run by Arcady which offers guests more options to transfer from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island. For more information, please refer to this guideline on Hanoi – Cat Ba Express.
  • Cat Ba Express: There are 3 transfer to Cat Ba every day, departing at 7:30 am, 10:45 am, 14:00 pm. The coaches provide with full amenities including free Wifi, mineral water, pastries, cold towels.
  • Universe Noble: The 34-seat car is equipped with comfortable reclining seat and very soft cushion. The car runs on the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, goes to Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Bridge to Cat Hai Island and drops off passengers at Got ferry. Then, travelers with transfer by private high-speed train to Phu Long for 10 minutes. Ticket price is about 280,000 VND / way.
  • Hoang Long Transportation: The car delivers you to Ding Vu Ferry in Hai Phong, the you keep getting in the company’s high-speed train for 25 minutes to Cai Vieng wharf (on Cat Ba island). Continue traveling by car of the company to the center of Cat Ba town. Ticket price is 240,000 VND / way.
  • arcady shuttle bus - hanoi to cat ba transfer
    Arcady Shuttle Bus – Photo from Arcady

    By shuttle coach of Arcady Cruise: Guests joining a Lan Ha Day 1 day tour with Arcady can easily get to Cat Ba Island as Lan Ha Bay is one of the top beautiful attractions in Cat Ba Island.


      2. Follow the route Hanoi – Hai Phong – Cat Ba – Hanoi to Cat Ba transfer:

      a. Move from Hanoi to Hai Phong:

Hanoi and Hai Phong both have airports, however, motorbikes or buses, trains are the most reasonable means of transportation for such a short distance.

  • Motorbike: If traveling by motorbike, you will have to go to Highway 5A, the travel time is about 2 – 2.5 hours.
    • Route 1: Take the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway
    • Route 2: Go through Highway 5 and Highway 5B
  • Passenger cars: You can refer to Hoang Long, Hai Au, Hoang Ngan, Huy Dat Cang transports, Ngoc Huyen bus, Hai Phong VT Bus, etc.
  • Train: There are trains from Gia Lam and Long Bien stations in Hanoi to Hai Phong. Ticket price is about 60,000 – 90,000 VND. Travel time from 2.5 – 3 hours.


      b. Move from Hai Phong to Cat Ba:

  • Buy tickets of Hoang Long Transport Company to go from Hai Phong City to Cat Ba Town. The car departs from the company’s head office at: 4 Le Thanh Tong – Hai Phong, going to Dinh Vu Ferry for about 25 minutes. Then take a high-speed train of the company for 25 minutes to go to Cai Vieng Wharf (on Cat Ba Island). Continue travelling by car of the company to the center of Cat Ba town. Total travel time is about 1 hour, fares from 150,000 / person.
  • got pier
    Got Pier – Photo from thanhnien

    You can buy the ferry tickets to Cat Ba Island at Dinh Vu Ferry in Hai Phong City. Upon arrival, continue to move to Got Pier on Cat Hai Island (about more than 7km) and then get on board of the ferry to Cai Vieng Wharf. From there, keep moving for about 40 minutes to the center of Cat Ba Town. The advantage of this way is that it is cheap but takes a lot of time, over 3 hours.

      c. Special means of transportation to the island:

  • High-speed train from Binh Pier: Ticket price is from 200,000 VND – 250,000 VND / person, travel time is about 45 minutes to Cat Ba Island.
  • Crossing Tan Vu Bridge (the bridge connecting the Hanoi → Hai Phong Highway to Got pier in Cat Hai district): Tourists cross the bridge to Got Pier, take the ferry to Cai Vieng Wharf or the high speed train to Phu Long Wharf, then continue to move to the center of Cat Ba Island by bus.
tan vu lach huyen bridge - hanoi to cat ba transfer
Tan Vu Lach Huyen Bridge – Photo from zingnews

* Note: The most economical way to go from Got Pier to Cai Vieng:

  • Take a ferry from Got station with VND 12,000 / person, travel time from 20-30 minutes.
  • Take the highway from Got to Phu Long (Cai Vieng): 50,000 VND / person, travel time only about 8-10 minutes.


      3. Hanoi – Halong – Cat Ba:

      a. Move from Hanoi – Halong:

Tourists tend to combine both Ha Long and Cat Ba on their journey so the transit point in Tuan Chau ferry regularly gets overloaded. Thus, you should book tickets early. The last ferry departs from Tuan Chau at 3pm daily, the fare is 220,000 VND / person.

  • Tuan Chau Ferry – Photo from vn

    By bus:

Passenger bus to Ha Long departs from My Dinh Bus Station with the earliest departure from 6 am and the last trip at 5:00 pm. This bus drops you at Bai Chay Bus Station in Halong City and runs for every 5-15 minutes. Ticket price ranges from VND 120,000 / person – VND 180,000 / person.

  • By motorbikes: you can refer to one of these two routes:

– From Hanoi City center: follow the National Road 5 to the junction of Sai Dong heading for Bac Ninh Province. From Bac Ninh, keep following the Road 18 to Pha Lai – Chi Linh – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Halong. The total distance is about 155km.

– Noi Bai Airport – Bac Ninh – Highway 18A through Pha Lai – Sao Do – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Halong about 160km.

  • By train: Halong Express Train departs from Gia Lam Station, takes about 5 hours to Halong, about 100,000 VND / way / person.
train from hanoi to halong
Train from Hanoi to Halong – Photo from vietfun

      b. Move from Ha Long to Cat Ba Island:

From Tuan Chau Island, tourists can buy ferry tickets to Gia Luan on Cat Ba Island. From Gia Luan Wharf, travel for another 45 minutes along the road on the island to Cat Ba town. Travel expenses: for pedestrians: VND 70,000, for motorbikes: VND 90,000, for cars with less than 9 seats: VND 450,000, for cars with 9-15 seats: VND 500,000, for cars with 16-23 seats: VND 550,000.

In addition, if you want to travel by high-speed train, visitors only take about 20 minutes to go from Tuan Chau to Gia Luan wharf with the ticket price of 170,000 VND / person.

*The price is updated in 2019.


      4. What to do in Cat Ba Island:

Welcome you to Cat Ba Island. The majestic island is just some steps away from you. Are you ready to take on an exploration with us? Let’s see top things to do in Cat Ba Island. For more instant support, please contact us via our:

See you soon in a trip to the Wonderland with Arcady Cruise.

cat ba island - hanoi to cat ba transfer
Cat Ba Island – Photo from Toquoc
cat ba island

Top things to do in Cat Ba Island

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Cat Ba Island is located in Hai Phong Province, about 2 hours driving from Hanoi City. There are numerous beaches around the side of the island which are clean and smooth with crystal-clear blue water. Cat Ba is home to the largest area of tropical forests in Vietnam with the diverse and rare fauna and flora. If you intend to visit the island, check out our suggestions for top things to do in Cat Ba Island below.


      1. About Cat Ba Island:

Cat Ba Island belongs to Cat Ba Archipelago in Hai Phong which consists of 367 small islands and is known as the most famous tourist attraction. With a fresh climate, an average temperature of only 25 Celsius degrees, many beautiful beaches and primeval forests, Cat Ba Island is both a great resort site and suitable for exploring lovers. Thus, when in the island, what are we going to do here? Keep on discovering with us:

cat ba island
Cat Ba Island – Photo from Toquoc

      2. Top things to do in Cat Ba Island:

      2.1. Swimming in the emerald water:

From the centre of Cat Ba Town, you can walk, rent a motorbike or take a taxi to Cat Co I, Cat Co II and Cat Co III beaches which are all beautiful with clear water. The beaches are connected by a small path along the mountainside. Cat Co I beach is quite large but often crowded, while beaches II and III are narrower and less touristy.


      2.2. Scuba diving to watch the coral:

coral watching in cat ba
Scuba diving and watching coral – Photo from Thao Minh Cat Ba Hotel

Under the reefs at the foot of the island, there is also a red coral cluster with a lot of valuable sea food such as abalone, pearls, dragon shrimp and the school of colorful fish giving this place a rare beauty. If you try diving into the ocean, you will go from this surprise to another surprise. In here, you will admire the stunning scenery of the sea that you normally see on TV or on the Discovery Channel.


      2.3. Wandering by the beach:

You can rent an electric car, bicycle or motorbike to run along the beach and enjoy the fresh air. However, the weekends are not allowed for all vehicles. Some tourists love walking along the mountain roads which connects the 3 main beaches to immerse into the chill of the night sea.


      2.4. Exploring the wonderful Lan Ha Bay:

lan ha bay
Lan Ha Bay – Photo from Arcady

Lan Ha Bay is a part of Cat Ba Island which owns hundreds of towering limestone islands and islets emerging from the jade-green water. The bay can allure any visitors thanks to its wild natural beauties and its enticing Lan Ha Bay floating villages. We have another article on what we can enjoy when in here on a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour.


      2.5. Visiting Monkey Island:

Your children will love this place. Monkey Island also has Cat Dua Beach which is the most beautiful satellite beach of Cat Ba Island. In front of the beach undulates mountains that make the bay extremely special. However, before going to the island, you must pass a lot of sea waves about 2 km long, calculated according to the birds fly.


      2.6. Visiting Cat Ba National Park:

cat ba national park
Cat Ba National Park – Photo from yeudulich

World Biosphere Reserve – Cat Ba National Park with its rich and pristine flora and fauna is a must-see attraction when travelling to Cat Ba Island. You can experience the feeling of walking in the forest, cycling the forest road, immersing in nature to unexpectedly encounter rare animals such as red-headed macaques, langurs, etc. Coming to Cat Ba National Forest you will also enjoy some special natural products such as forest honey, rose tea.


      2.7. Mountain hiking:

This travel type attracts a lot of adventure lovers to Cat Ba. Popular climbing locations include: Dau Be Island after 2 hours by boat from Cat Ba tourist port, cliffs at Beo Port (2 km from Cat Ba centre), Ba Trai Dao Island (from tourist port 22 km to the south).


      2.8. Visiting caves:

Hospital Cave
Hospital Cave – Photo from Arcady

Da Hoa Cave located in the northeast mountain range, in Gia Luan Commune, to the north of Cat Ba island is a famous sightseeing spot. As situated far from the residential area, Da Hoa Cave is almost intact and is a familiar place in the research tourism itineraries. Other attractive caves include: Trung Trang Cave (located in Trung Trang Valley, 15 km northwest of Cat Ba), Quan Y Cave owning charming stalactites of various shapes.


      3. Best time to visit Cat Ba Island:

The average temperature in Cat Ba goes around 25-28 Celsius degrees and can reach 30 Celsius degrees in summer or drop to below 10 Celsius degrees in winter. Domestic visitors love visiting the island in summer especially in June and July to avoid the heat. Foreign visitors wish to travel to Cat Ba in winter, from November to March.

As a top famous tourist spot in Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay recently is considered as a great alternative for Halong Bay when UNESCO bay is getting more and more crowded. If you don’t have much time, a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour is right fit for you. For more instant support, please contact us via our:

See you soon in a trip to the Wonderland with Arcady Cruise.

things to do in cat ba island
Cat Ba – Photo from truyenhinhdulich
cai beo floating village on lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay floating villages

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Known as the sister of the wonderful Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay also owns the impressive karst landscape with hundreds of towering karst islands and islets emerging from the emerald water. Thanks to its peaceful view and more private atmosphere, Lan Ha Bay has become more famous to visitors who wish to spend their vacation in a quieter place. Besides the scenic bay view, the enticing local life here also attracts a lot of visitors to come and discover the bay. In this article, we would like to introduce to you the most famous and worth-visiting Lan Ha Bay floating villages. Keep on exploring!


      1. Cai Beo Floating Village – The oldest among Lan Ha Bay floating villages

cai beo floating village on lan ha bay
Stunning view of Cai Beo Village – Photo from Getty image

      a. Location:

Cai Beo Floating Village also known as Vung O Floating Village is located on Ngoc Island in Cat Ba Archipelago, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City. The village used to be one of the largest ancient floating villages in the country in general and among Lan Ha Bay floating villages in particular in the prehistoric times. There are about 300 households living here whose life attaches closely with fish catching and farming activities. While cruising on a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour, you can also find many locals raising fish on the bay.

      b. What allures visitors when visiting Cai Beo Village:

From a distance, Cai Beo captivates visitors with its lush green water, undulating rocky mountains mixed with the blue sky creating a tranquil and picturesque picture. On the floating water, the fishing village consists of many boat houses linked together in groups. Not only the boats, there are floating houses on Cai Beo sitting close with each other by fish cages. From one house you can easily walk to other houses on a small bridge or on these cages.

cai beo floating village - lan ha bay floating villages
Raising fish in cages in Cai Beo – Photo from truyenhinhdulich

An interesting suggestion to discover the village is to rent a boat and roam on water to explore the life among households here. You can learn how they conduct their life and raise fish on the bay. Besides, visitors can freely admire the poetic scenery of Lan Ha Bay and sample many special dishes made from fish, shrimp raised on the village. Having meals with friendly people in their house can be an ideal suggestion for you to get closer to the enticing local life of the floating village on Lan Ha Bay.

Furthermore, Cai Beo is considered one of the most important archaeological vestige sites in the coastal area and northeastern island of Vietnam, with 4 times of surveying and excavation by research teams.


      2. Viet Hai Floating Village

Compared to other fishing villages, Viet Hai has a relatively small area of only about 141ha, with more than 70 households. However, the unique feature of Viet Hai is surrounded by four surfaces forests and limestone mountains creating a peaceful and poetic scenery here.

      a. Location:

Viet Hai Ancient Village is a small fishing village, located deep in Cat Ba National Park, in Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong. With an area of about 141ha, with about 70 households living, Viet Hai has a pristine landscape, almost without the influence of human.

viet hai floating village - lan ha bay floating villages
The peaceful Viet Hai Village – Photo from dulichvietnam

There are 2 ways to get to Viet Hai – one of Lan Ha Bay floating villages: take a boat through Lan Ha Bay to Viet Hai wharf or you can cross the pristine forest through Cat Ba National Park to enter the village.

      b. A rustic and tranquil village:

Compared to other fishing villages in Cat Ba, so far Viet Hai retains the typical culture of the villages in the Northern Delta. The unique feature is that Viet Hai is separated from the outside and surrounded by surface forests and limestone mountains.

In recent years, Viet Hai has become an attractive community-based eco-tourist destination, especially for foreign tourists. Coming here, visitors can stay away from the daily bustling life, immerse in the peaceful, untouched space of nature and the forest.

farmwork in viet hai village
Farm work in Viet Hai Village – Photo from dulichvietnam

More interestingly, visitors here can leisurely walk or rent bicycles to experience sightseeing, explore and learn about the life of indigenous people. Especially, you can join a trekking trip through Cat Ba National Park. For foreign tourists, you can try to cook rice with firewood, grow vegetables, harvest rice guided by local people.

lan ha bay floating villages
Lan Ha Bay view – Photo from baomoi

A day staying with locals will help you understand more about the peaceful life on Lan Ha. If you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track, then Lan Ha Bay is the right destination for you. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information:

lan ha bay 1 day tour

Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour – A journey to the Wonderland

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Home to the breathtaking limestone landscape like its world-famous sister – Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is going to get more attention of international and domestic visitors thanks to its scenic bay view, the fresh air plus with the clear and lush green water. If you prefer somewhere less touristy then Lan Ha is such an ideal place where you can immerse yourself into the cool atmosphere, the giant nature. Spend your day with us in a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour.


      1. What awaits you on a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour with Arcady Cruise?

      1.1. The mind-blowing karst landscape of Lan Ha Bay:

lan ha bay 1 day tour
Lan Ha Bay view – Photo from Arcady Cruise

Lan Ha owns a unique beauty with blue sea, clean water, imposing karst islands and islets. There are more than 400 islands and islets on the bay and most of them have been given names by the locals like the Sandal Islet, the Bat Islet, the Candle Islet, etc. With 139 wild sandy beaches with crystal clear water, the stunning bay can delight any swimming lovers. With the sand banks between two blocks of mountains, the gentle slopes of sand along with clear blue sea to the bottom like the “blue straits” will be safe beaches and extremely ideal for the passionate travelers. Lan Ha also houses a lot of stunning beaches like Ang Vem, Monkey Beach (Cat Dua Beach), Van Boi Beach, etc.

Learn more about the charming Lan Ha Bay with us.


      1.2. Delectable Vietnamese cuisine served by our friendly and skillful staff:

While you are cruising through hundreds of limestone cliffs standing on the bay, our chiefs are preparing for lunch with traditional and yummy Vietnam food. Let’s see some highlights we have for lunch.

      Seafood spring rolls:

seafood spring rolls with arcady
Seafood spring rolls with Arcady Cruise

The golden yellow color of these seafood spring rolls will attract you at the first sight. When eating, dip these rolls into the sour and sweet fish sauce dotted with some chili and garlic pieces.


      Vietnamese grilled chopped squid:

Vietnam grilled chopped squid

Seafood lovers can’t miss out the chance to enjoy this tasty food. This food requires a careful cooking so let’s enjoy it until the last part.


      Grilled oysters with onion:

Grilled oysters with onion
Grilled oysters with onion

The fresh grilled oysters are grilled and added with some onion to boost the taste. Very easy yet tasty.


fried croaker fish - lan ha bay 1 day tour
Fried Croaker Fish

Other yummy food in the menu: fried croaker fish and sautéed beef in hot pot.


      Vegetables stew:

Vegetables stew with Arcady cruise
Vegetables stew

While enjoying these scrumptious seafood dishes, let’s try some vegetable stew to balance the taste. Remember that if you are vegetarian or halal eater, please let us know when booking a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour with us. And now enjoy your meal!


      1.3. The enticing history of Hospital Cave:

After having lunch, we are about to get on a bus and depart for Hospital Cave. On the way, our experienced tour guide will introduce to you plenty of information about our country – Vietnam, some interesting fun facts and about the diverse Cat Ba Island. Get off the bus, you will climb about 70 steps to get to the cave gate. Now follow our guide and let’s explore the enticing Hospital Cave.

Hospital Cave

Built between 1963 and 1965, Hospital Cave was both a secret bomb-proof hospital during Vietnam War and a safe house for Viet Cong leaders. The cave has 17 rooms, including an old operating theater, a huge natural cavern, a kitchen and many functional rooms.


      1.4. Exciting kayaking, swimming and bamboo boat experiences:

And now it’s time for some water activities. There are two options for you. You can choose whether to join kayaking or bamboo boat to explore the surrounding of Lan Ha Bay. Which one do you prefer?

After kayaking and bamboo boat experience, let’s come back to Arcady Cruise, head on the 2nd deck and jump into the fresh bay. Ready? 1 2 3, let’s go.


      1.5. Tea break:

tea break with Arcady Cruise
Tea break

How do you feel after some time soaking in the cool bay water? Let’s dry yourself and enjoy some hot coffee, fruits and cookies prepared by our staff. Take this time to talk and share with your friends about your today experiences or just simply watch the green limestone islets passing by.


      1.6. Summer rolls in cooking class:

summer rolls making with Arcady cruise
Summer rolls – Cooking demonstration

While you are roaming on Lan Ha Bay, our staff are preparing ingredients for cooking class. The lesson is how to make summer rolls. Let’s see how fast you can make one and how beautiful it looks. The ingredients for making summer rolls are rice papers, thin rice noodles, butter lettuce, red cabbage or green cabbage, bean spouts, carrot, cucumber, green onion, cilantro and mint. Don’t overlook these ingredients as when they are wrapped into rice papers and dipped the roll into tasty fish sauce, we bet that you can’t say no to the 2nd roll.


      1.7. Stunning sunset on the bay:

sunset view on lan ha bay
Sunset view on Lan Ha Bay

Sunset on Lan Ha Bay is peaceful and spectacular. The giant orange sun seems gradually sink into the bay creating such a vivid sunset view. Take up your phone or camera to capture this stunning moment.


2. What should I choose: a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour, 2 day tour or 3 day tour?

If you are wondering whether a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour is enough to discovering the bay. Our answer is totally yes. With the well-organized itinerary planned by our experienced travel consultants, you will have a worthy and memorable Lan Ha – Halong Bay trip. For those who don’t have much time in Vietnam and you still have a lot of attractions on your travelling list, spending a day on the bay can perfectly fit your schedule. For more instant support, please contact us via our:

See you soon in a trip to the Wonderland with Arcady Cruise.

lan ha bay 1 day tour with Arcady Cruise
Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour with Arcady Cruise
arcady cruise - lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay – Explore the untouched sister of Halong Bay

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Have you ever heard of Lan Ha Bay – a new attractive destination to explore the breathtaking limestone landscape in Vietnam. Located quite near Halong Bay, Lan Ha is less touristy and promises to be more well-known among those who prefer somewhere more untouched. Ready to explore the charming bay with us?

      1. Lan Ha Bay at glance:

A sister of well-known Ha Long Bay, is amazingly pristine, peaceful among the most beautiful bay in the world. Located at the south west of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay means The Orchid Bay, compared with the beauty of Orchid Flower. The beauty of Lan Ha is unique with blue sea, clean water, imposing islands and islets. There are over 400 islands and islets and most of them have been given names by the imaginative locals, such as the Sandal Islet, the Bat Islet, the Candle Islet, etc. With 139 wild sandy beaches with crystal clear water, the stunning bay can delight any swimming lovers.

lan ha bay
Lan Ha Bay – Photo from Arcady Cruise

      2. Where is Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay is located off the beautiful coastal city of Hai Phong and is about 30 km from the city center. The bay is on the east of Cai Ba Island and plays the role as the bridge between Cat Ba Island and the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay. From the pier of Cat Ba Island, it takes about 30 minutes by train to there. Lan Ha Bay looks like a lovely silk strip which is woven by clear blue sea to the bottom and green vegetation. It covers an area of over 7,000 ha with more than 5,400 ha is under the management of UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve – Cat Ba National Park.

sunset on lan ha bay
Sunset on Lan Ha Bay – Photo from Arcady Cruise

      3. What makes Lan Ha Bay special?

Lan Ha doesn’t have a large number of karst islands as that in Halong Bay. The newcomer, however, has the highlight of having 139 small and pure sandy beaches surrounding. With the sand banks between two blocks of mountains, the gentle slopes of sand along with clear blue sea to the bottom like the “blue straits” will be safe beaches and extremely ideal for the passionate travelers. When visiting the bay, you can immerse yourselves into the clear blue water, lie and sunbathe on the stunning beaches like Ang Vem, Monkey Beach (Cat Dua Beach), Van Boi Beach or visit some amazing places on the bay. Let’s explore one by one with us:


      3.1. Bright and Dark Cave:

bright and dark cave
Bright and Dark Cave – Photo from Internet

This is a 70m long cave through the mountains but is located on the water. In order to visit the cave, visitors often have to row or kayak. When passing through the cave, visitors will feel like they are getting lost in paradise, because of a vast stream of water surrounded by majestic high limestone mountains. Sitting on a boat drifting along the water, breathing fresh air and blue water, admiring the beautiful scenery and feeling the peace between the sea of clouds and mountains will definitely be a moment that you are still looking for in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


      3.2. Nam Cat Island:

Nam Cat Island - Lan Ha Bay
Nam Cat Island – Photo from Vietnammoi


The island attracts visitors with its rustic and pristine charms of green forests and enchanting beaches. From Ben Beo, it takes about 15 minutes to reach Nam Cat Island. Visitors to Lan Ha Bay can admire the peaceful feeling and pristine looks of the island. Human intervention here on the island is severely restricted to preserve the natural values. With 3 large wooden stilt houses and 6 bamboo houses, we can experience the feeling of living in harmony with the nature. Besides, you can join some other watersports activities like kayaking, scuba diving, fishing or campfires.


      3.3. Monkey Island (Cat Dua Island):

Monkey Island
Monkey Island – Photo from baomoi


Also from Ben Beo, you can take a 10 minute boat to Monkey Island. Monkey Island was called Cat Dua Island in the past because there were many wild pineapples on the island with their good look but cannot eaten. Cat Dua Island now has changed its name to Monkey Island. The reason is that there are more than 20 monkeys brought here by the rangers of Cat Ba National Park here. They then often go to the beach to play with tourists, eat food of visitors such as bananas, apples, tangerines, candies. Some funny monkeys can play, climb to impress those who have come to the island and gradually the island has been renamed Monkey Island.


      3.4. Van Boi Beach:

Van Boi Beach
Van Boi Beach – Photo from baolau


This is a destination chosen by tourists to kayak and swim because it is located in the calm part of the bay with green water and beautiful landscapes.


      3.5. Rua Island (Turtle Island):

Located opposite Van Boi Beach, Rua Island or Turtle Island is small and looks like the turtle swimming on the water surface. The island is considered a masterpiece in the “forgotten paradise”.


      3.6. Hon Chuong Island:

Hon Chuong also has some other names: But Pen, Candle, Corn Banana. Is a small island on the way from Cat Ba to Cua Van fishing village.

cat ba island - lan ha bay
Cat Ba Island – Photo from Vietnamplus

     3.7. Floating villages:

Besides the scenic bay view, the enticing local life here also attracts a lot of visitors to come and discover the bay. On the way to visit Lan Ha, don’t forget to explore the some Lan Ha Bay floating villages like Cai Beo and Viet Hai.

cai beo floating village on lan ha bay
Cai Beo Floating Village on Lan Ha Bay – Photo from Getty image

4. What is the best time to visit Lan Ha Bay?

The visitors can travel to Lan Ha at any time during the year thanks to the cool and fresh climate here. Each season brings us different feelings and experiences. If you love swimming in the breathtaking bay, travelling to Lan Ha Bay in summer is such a great option. But don’t worry if you plan to visit the bay in winter. The cool atmosphere on the bay can bring us comfortable feeling and experience.

The incredible bay is waiting for you to discover. Join us in a Journey to the Wonderland with Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information:

arcady cruise - lan ha bay
Arcady Cruise on Lan Ha Bay – Photo from Arcady Cruise