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Do children need a certificate and test for covid 19 before coming to Vietnam?

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According to current regulations just announced by the government. Regulations apply to all visitors entering by Air, Road, Waterway, Railway as follows:
For children 2 years old and younger, no test or certificate of negative for covid 19 is required upon entry.
No certificate of recovery from covid is required (applicable to children who have been infected with covid 19)
Just make a medical declaration upon entry at the border gate.
Parents, relatives or guardians for children need to download and use the medical declaration application (PC Covid) during their stay in Vietnam.
If there are symptoms such as (Fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, body aches, fatigue, chills, loss of taste, loss of smell, headache, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, etc.) immediately to the health agency at the border gate to conduct isolation according to regulations.


Who can come to Vietnam to Travel?

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This is a very common question from tourists who want to visit Vietnam. There are many regulations that have been put in place since the countries gradually opened up to re-develop tourism. However, until now, with the vaccine coverage for the whole population with 98% of the population having been vaccinated, more than 60% have received the 3rd dose, Vietnam is becoming one of the countries with a percentage of the population vaccinated. The largest strain in the world. It can be said that Vietnam is currently a very safe and attractive destination at the present time.

With open-door policies to promote tourism development and economic recovery, the Vietnamese government has been very agile to seize the opportunity, and at the same time issue extremely easy regulations for tourists to come. Vietnam. Specifically:

  • Only need to have a negative test result by PCR method before boarding, valid for 72 hours. Or have a negative test result using the rapid test method within 24 hours.
  • No quarantine upon entry
  • There is no need for a quick test when you arrive at the accommodation
  • No vaccination certificate needed
  • No need for a certificate of being cured of covid within 6 months.
  • Freedom to travel and travel as usual.

All barriers and regulations during the epidemic period have been removed, instead, Vietnam is completely open and open as before Covid 19 appeared in Vietnam from 2020. Vietnam has done well and adapted to the “New Normal”, tourists can rest assured when traveling to Vietnam at this time.