Cat Ba Island

There is a saying about Lan Ha Bay – The forgotten paradise on the earth.

Lan Ha Bay – A sister of well-known Ha Long Bay, is amazingly pristine, peaceful and among the most beautiful bay in the world.

Located at the south west of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay means The Orchid Bay, compare with the beauty of Orchid Flower.

The beauty of Lan Ha Bay is the harmonious of the emerald water with hundreds of islands, there are over four hundred island and islet and most of them had given name by the imagination of local people, such as The Sandal Islet, The Bat Islet, the Candle islet etc… With 139 wild sandy beach for the swimmer. The water in Lan Ha Bay clear like crystal so it will let the swimmer really enjoy when they have a dip in the water.

Around five thousand people are living on the bay at the moment divide in 2 biggest floating villages are Beo and Van Boi floating village.