Our story

What is in the name of Arcady Cruise Vietnam?

Arcady or Arcadia is an ancient region of Greece well-known for its typically peaceful and bucolic beauty. The region was traditionally represented in literature as a place of pastoral innocence and contentment.

Our voyage was inspired by the legend of Arcadia area, then Arcady Cruise was born. With our rich experiences gained over years, the enthusiasm and the strong passions, we understand your travelling expectations and eagerly design the day trip of a lifetime journey with unforgettable memories.

As the name of Arcady suggests, our business motto revolves around bringing our dear guests to explore the idyllic Lan Ha Bay – the untouched sister of Halong Bay on an exclusive journey. You will get deeper into the nature where there is nearly you and the Mother Nature.

About Arcady Cruise boat:

Our Arcady Cruise is a day boat newly made in September 2018. With the modern design, Arcady Cruise matches the strictest requirements set by Vietnam Tourism sector in terms of quality and safety. The boat is 18m long and 7m wide making up the scale of total 130sqm each deck.

Arcady Cruise therefore brings up not only the firm stability but also spacious area for a comfortable stay during the journey toward one of the most spectacular spots in the world where you will enjoy A journey to the Wonderland.

arcady day cruise
bamboo boat

Our vision and mission:

Arcady Cruise Vietnam aims at becoming one of the top leading cruise operators in Vietnam in which Sustainable Development becomes the driving force for all our business practices. In Arcady, we profoundly understand the critical importance of Nature where we live and operate on. Therefore, our exploitation, development activities always go in line with the natural protection and conservation.

Besides, local engagement also plays a crucial part in our business operation. We welcome and recruit local people whose daily work is fishing, and lives are attached closely with the stunning bay for ages. You will meet these friendly and hard-working people in our boat and when joining bamboo boats or kayaking activities with us.

Our values: Guest Satisfaction, Environment of Trust

In Arcady, guest satisfaction shapes all our activities and becomes the objective of every member in our company. We appreciate every guest coming to us and sincerely thank them for choosing our service.

In Arcady, we define that guest satisfaction will come from the environment of trust. Our staff believes in the vision and mission of our company. We all strive for excellence in every action. That is the way we create an environment of trust in Arcady where all members are treated as guests. Once company staff develops the sense of belonging, the trust value, they will generate these in their action to bring satisfaction to all guests they serve.

guest satisfaction


Best price guaranteed
Exclusive and less touristy itinerary
2-hour transfer from Hanoi on expressway
Professional service and good value of money
Available tailor-made menu for vegetarians, Halal eaters, gluten free diet