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cai beo floating village on lan ha bay

Lan Ha Bay floating villages

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Known as the sister of the wonderful Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay also owns the impressive karst landscape with hundreds of towering karst islands and islets emerging from the emerald water. Thanks to its peaceful view and more private atmosphere, Lan Ha Bay has become more famous to visitors who wish to spend their vacation in a quieter place. Besides the scenic bay view, the enticing local life here also attracts a lot of visitors to come and discover the bay. In this article, we would like to introduce to you the most famous and worth-visiting Lan Ha Bay floating villages. Keep on exploring!


      1. Cai Beo Floating Village – The oldest among Lan Ha Bay floating villages

cai beo floating village on lan ha bay
Stunning view of Cai Beo Village – Photo from Getty image

      a. Location:

Cai Beo Floating Village also known as Vung O Floating Village is located on Ngoc Island in Cat Ba Archipelago, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City. The village used to be one of the largest ancient floating villages in the country in general and among Lan Ha Bay floating villages in particular in the prehistoric times. There are about 300 households living here whose life attaches closely with fish catching and farming activities. While cruising on a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour, you can also find many locals raising fish on the bay.

      b. What allures visitors when visiting Cai Beo Village:

From a distance, Cai Beo captivates visitors with its lush green water, undulating rocky mountains mixed with the blue sky creating a tranquil and picturesque picture. On the floating water, the fishing village consists of many boat houses linked together in groups. Not only the boats, there are floating houses on Cai Beo sitting close with each other by fish cages. From one house you can easily walk to other houses on a small bridge or on these cages.

cai beo floating village - lan ha bay floating villages
Raising fish in cages in Cai Beo – Photo from truyenhinhdulich

An interesting suggestion to discover the village is to rent a boat and roam on water to explore the life among households here. You can learn how they conduct their life and raise fish on the bay. Besides, visitors can freely admire the poetic scenery of Lan Ha Bay and sample many special dishes made from fish, shrimp raised on the village. Having meals with friendly people in their house can be an ideal suggestion for you to get closer to the enticing local life of the floating village on Lan Ha Bay.

Furthermore, Cai Beo is considered one of the most important archaeological vestige sites in the coastal area and northeastern island of Vietnam, with 4 times of surveying and excavation by research teams.


      2. Viet Hai Floating Village

Compared to other fishing villages, Viet Hai has a relatively small area of only about 141ha, with more than 70 households. However, the unique feature of Viet Hai is surrounded by four surfaces forests and limestone mountains creating a peaceful and poetic scenery here.

      a. Location:

Viet Hai Ancient Village is a small fishing village, located deep in Cat Ba National Park, in Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong. With an area of about 141ha, with about 70 households living, Viet Hai has a pristine landscape, almost without the influence of human.

viet hai floating village - lan ha bay floating villages
The peaceful Viet Hai Village – Photo from dulichvietnam

There are 2 ways to get to Viet Hai – one of Lan Ha Bay floating villages: take a boat through Lan Ha Bay to Viet Hai wharf or you can cross the pristine forest through Cat Ba National Park to enter the village.

      b. A rustic and tranquil village:

Compared to other fishing villages in Cat Ba, so far Viet Hai retains the typical culture of the villages in the Northern Delta. The unique feature is that Viet Hai is separated from the outside and surrounded by surface forests and limestone mountains.

In recent years, Viet Hai has become an attractive community-based eco-tourist destination, especially for foreign tourists. Coming here, visitors can stay away from the daily bustling life, immerse in the peaceful, untouched space of nature and the forest.

farmwork in viet hai village
Farm work in Viet Hai Village – Photo from dulichvietnam

More interestingly, visitors here can leisurely walk or rent bicycles to experience sightseeing, explore and learn about the life of indigenous people. Especially, you can join a trekking trip through Cat Ba National Park. For foreign tourists, you can try to cook rice with firewood, grow vegetables, harvest rice guided by local people.

lan ha bay floating villages
Lan Ha Bay view – Photo from baomoi

A day staying with locals will help you understand more about the peaceful life on Lan Ha. If you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track, then Lan Ha Bay is the right destination for you. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information: