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lan ha bay 1 day tour

Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour – A journey to the Wonderland

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Home to the breathtaking limestone landscape like its world-famous sister – Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is going to get more attention of international and domestic visitors thanks to its scenic bay view, the fresh air plus with the clear and lush green water. If you prefer somewhere less touristy then Lan Ha is such an ideal place where you can immerse yourself into the cool atmosphere, the giant nature. Spend your day with us in a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour.


      1. What awaits you on a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour with Arcady Cruise?

      1.1. The mind-blowing karst landscape of Lan Ha Bay:

lan ha bay 1 day tour
Lan Ha Bay view – Photo from Arcady Cruise

Lan Ha owns a unique beauty with blue sea, clean water, imposing karst islands and islets. There are more than 400 islands and islets on the bay and most of them have been given names by the locals like the Sandal Islet, the Bat Islet, the Candle Islet, etc. With 139 wild sandy beaches with crystal clear water, the stunning bay can delight any swimming lovers. With the sand banks between two blocks of mountains, the gentle slopes of sand along with clear blue sea to the bottom like the “blue straits” will be safe beaches and extremely ideal for the passionate travelers. Lan Ha also houses a lot of stunning beaches like Ang Vem, Monkey Beach (Cat Dua Beach), Van Boi Beach, etc.

Learn more about the charming Lan Ha Bay with us.


      1.2. Delectable Vietnamese cuisine served by our friendly and skillful staff:

While you are cruising through hundreds of limestone cliffs standing on the bay, our chiefs are preparing for lunch with traditional and yummy Vietnam food. Let’s see some highlights we have for lunch.

      Seafood spring rolls:

seafood spring rolls with arcady
Seafood spring rolls with Arcady Cruise

The golden yellow color of these seafood spring rolls will attract you at the first sight. When eating, dip these rolls into the sour and sweet fish sauce dotted with some chili and garlic pieces.


      Vietnamese grilled chopped squid:

Vietnam grilled chopped squid

Seafood lovers can’t miss out the chance to enjoy this tasty food. This food requires a careful cooking so let’s enjoy it until the last part.


      Grilled oysters with onion:

Grilled oysters with onion
Grilled oysters with onion

The fresh grilled oysters are grilled and added with some onion to boost the taste. Very easy yet tasty.


fried croaker fish - lan ha bay 1 day tour
Fried Croaker Fish

Other yummy food in the menu: fried croaker fish and sautéed beef in hot pot.


      Vegetables stew:

Vegetables stew with Arcady cruise
Vegetables stew

While enjoying these scrumptious seafood dishes, let’s try some vegetable stew to balance the taste. Remember that if you are vegetarian or halal eater, please let us know when booking a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour with us. And now enjoy your meal!


      1.3. The enticing history of Hospital Cave:

After having lunch, we are about to get on a bus and depart for Hospital Cave. On the way, our experienced tour guide will introduce to you plenty of information about our country – Vietnam, some interesting fun facts and about the diverse Cat Ba Island. Get off the bus, you will climb about 70 steps to get to the cave gate. Now follow our guide and let’s explore the enticing Hospital Cave.

Hospital Cave

Built between 1963 and 1965, Hospital Cave was both a secret bomb-proof hospital during Vietnam War and a safe house for Viet Cong leaders. The cave has 17 rooms, including an old operating theater, a huge natural cavern, a kitchen and many functional rooms.


      1.4. Exciting kayaking, swimming and bamboo boat experiences:

And now it’s time for some water activities. There are two options for you. You can choose whether to join kayaking or bamboo boat to explore the surrounding of Lan Ha Bay. Which one do you prefer?

After kayaking and bamboo boat experience, let’s come back to Arcady Cruise, head on the 2nd deck and jump into the fresh bay. Ready? 1 2 3, let’s go.


      1.5. Tea break:

tea break with Arcady Cruise
Tea break

How do you feel after some time soaking in the cool bay water? Let’s dry yourself and enjoy some hot coffee, fruits and cookies prepared by our staff. Take this time to talk and share with your friends about your today experiences or just simply watch the green limestone islets passing by.


      1.6. Summer rolls in cooking class:

summer rolls making with Arcady cruise
Summer rolls – Cooking demonstration

While you are roaming on Lan Ha Bay, our staff are preparing ingredients for cooking class. The lesson is how to make summer rolls. Let’s see how fast you can make one and how beautiful it looks. The ingredients for making summer rolls are rice papers, thin rice noodles, butter lettuce, red cabbage or green cabbage, bean spouts, carrot, cucumber, green onion, cilantro and mint. Don’t overlook these ingredients as when they are wrapped into rice papers and dipped the roll into tasty fish sauce, we bet that you can’t say no to the 2nd roll.


      1.7. Stunning sunset on the bay:

sunset view on lan ha bay
Sunset view on Lan Ha Bay

Sunset on Lan Ha Bay is peaceful and spectacular. The giant orange sun seems gradually sink into the bay creating such a vivid sunset view. Take up your phone or camera to capture this stunning moment.


2. What should I choose: a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour, 2 day tour or 3 day tour?

If you are wondering whether a Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour is enough to discovering the bay. Our answer is totally yes. With the well-organized itinerary planned by our experienced travel consultants, you will have a worthy and memorable Lan Ha – Halong Bay trip. For those who don’t have much time in Vietnam and you still have a lot of attractions on your travelling list, spending a day on the bay can perfectly fit your schedule. For more instant support, please contact us via our:

See you soon in a trip to the Wonderland with Arcady Cruise.

lan ha bay 1 day tour with Arcady Cruise
Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour with Arcady Cruise