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Experience cruise dining that connects you to one another and the destinations we travel. Our chefs create cruise food sure to satisfy any palate

Wishing customers to feel the taste of the food with all senses, every dish at Arcady’s restaurant is carefully cared for by the chef team of Arcady Cruise. They have dedicated themselves to their works, creating superior food works to bring diners the most quintessential flavors of Ha Long Bay.

Referring to the Arcady’s restaurant, we should mention about Bar with Luxurious & Classy Space. What is a great moment when you having a hot wine with your beloved one under the sparkling lights, mingle with soothing music, melodious and watching the night sea.

Besides, the Cruise Sundeck is also an ideal place to organize luxurious parties, outdoor BBQ with an amazing panoramic ocean view.

Types of Year-end party arrangements that available on Arcady Cruise (On the Deck – Sundeck & Arcady Restaurant):

+ Year-end party (Gala dinner)

+ Wedding Party

+ Teambuilding combine with organizing Gala Dinner (for groups of guests, mass organizations)

+ Meeting/gratitude party for customers and partners (for customers, partners who are businesses)

+ Big receptions for the year like Christmas – Halloween, Mid-Autumn Festival and International Women’s Party … (For all customers)

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