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About Arcady Travel.

Have you seen a land like “paradise” yet?
I will tell you about a land named like that. It is Arcadia – the mountainous district of the Peloponnese region in southern Greece very famous for its unusualness. Thien Thien landscape is likened to a “paradise” with natural beauty that cannot be compared anywhere else. People here consider this place as a land of peaceful joy, a place isolated from the outside world, an ideal land.
From that ideal land, we were inspired to form our own name – Arcady Travel with “A journey to the Wonderland”.
Over many years of operation, Arcady Travel has been constantly developing its business in the field of tourism, improving quality, diversifying service items, and aiming to satisfy all your requirements. customers and make each trip a great success. We believe that with the prestige that has been created in the market, along with the direction and direction of not only the Board of Directors but also the members of the company with strong passion and enthusiasm to bring the best words to customers. accurate travel advice and information for customers.

The general principle when doing business with Arcady Travel is: “Prestige, quality, safety as well as customer satisfaction are always the top criteria of Arcady Travel”.
Besides the tour business, with the above services, Arcady Travel also owns a number of shuttle buses from 16-29 seats specializing in serving customers on tour routes.
Arcady Travel has been and will be the address to choose the top reliable travel services and always give customers the best services at the most reasonable cost.


Arcady Cruise is a day boat newly made in September 2018. With the modern and luxury design, Arcady Cruise matches the strictest requirements set by the Vietnam Tourism sector in terms of quality and safety. The boat is 18m long and 7m wide making up a scale of a total of 130sqm for each deck.

Arcady Cruise, therefore, brings up not only the firm stability but also a spacious area for a comfortable stay during the journey toward one of the most spectacular spots in the world.


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