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Ba Ham Lake is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, Ba Ham Lake is located on Dau Be Island in Lan Ha Bay.

Dau Be Island is one of the outermost island groups of Ha Long Bay adjacent to the immense Long Chau sea.

Ba Ham Lake is located in the middle of a narrow rectangular sea valley with high mountains on all sides. Ba Ham Lake is a system of three large circular depressions connected to each other through a narrow, meandering cave.

Each cluster of colorful stalactites hangs down from the ceiling of the cave with many strange shapes.

Ba Ham Lake in the Middle of Halong Bay

On the island are species of trees such as orchids, sycamore, banyan, natural … four seasons are green, fragrant with flowers, and it is also the habitat of yellow-haired monkeys, birds, flying squirrels, bats…

Under that blue water is the vibrant life of many seafood species.

Although it is 25 km far from shore, Ba Ham Lake has long been noticed by tourists and nature lovers since ancient times.

In the book “Merveille de Monde” published in 1938 which is specialized in introducing scenic spots, Ba Ham Lake was described as follows:

Coming to Ba Ham Lake, there is the same beautiful impression as going to Luon Cave, Sung Sot Cave, but the scenery here is much more beautiful.

The entrance to Ba Ham Lake is not as easy as entering Luon Cave, but that is the pleasure of those who go sightseeing.

The semicircular mouth of the cave opens on the flat cliff in the northwest of the island, 4-5 m from the water surface, which is exactly the surface of the bay with the winding currents from Cua Van.

From the lake’s mouth, visitors will go into the first tunnel: a forest of stalactites with purple, pink, blue, white colors … hanging down to the water looking like banyan roots, Chinese Banyan roots.

The deeper you go, the darker it gets.

The bottom of the cave is deep and clear, you can see each shoal of fish swimming around.

Inside the Ba Ham Lake

Going about 100 m deep, there is a stream of light shining from the ceiling of the cave, visitors will see many kinds of orchids clinging to the cliffs, perennials scattered in the rock crevices, soft bamboo with yellow leaves growing with each cluster.

The second cellar has an ancient star fruit tree growing on the southeast wall that flowers and bears fruit all year round.

Groups of yellow-haired monkeys, flying squirrels, silver-headed parrots… gathered on the branches.

The third tunnel is a cliff from the second tunnel and goes through a cave about 5 minutes. This is the habitat of bats, butterflies….

In the quiet space, only the sound of oars splashing, the boat swims in the lake as if swimming in a deep well, the cliffs stand up on all sides.

Ba Ham Lake is one of the most beautiful sights of Ha Long Bay.