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Quang Ninh Museum is a famous Ha Long tourist destination loved by many tourists. This place is considered a cultural center, containing many spiritual values of the mining land. The museum is considered a great pride of Ha Long people. Not only possessing a new and unique architecture, this place is also a Quang Ninh tourist destination containing a lot of important and meaningful cultural information.

What to discover in Quang Ninh Museum?

Museum in the minds of many people is often a rather dry and boring concept. However, you will completely change your mind when you visit Quang Ninh museum – an interesting and extremely attractive place.

Unique architecture of Quang Ninh museum, like a mysterious black pearl

Quang Ninh Museum is a unique architectural and artistic work. Just looking from the outside visitors feel admirable. The appearance of the museum is extremely attractive with black glass covering all sides. This is like a giant mirror reflecting the majestic Ha Long Bay Heritage. Besides, the museum is designed in a unique square structure with the main black color, which is also an image that many visitors associate with black pearl – a precious product in Ha Long. Indeed, the architecture of Quang Ninh museum is a delicate harmony between simplicity and modernity, traditional but very new. In addition, the font appearing on the front together with the fancy zigzag-designed stairs has turned this tourist attraction in Quang Ninh into the most checked-in mecca in the mining land.

Art living history treasures are located inside the museum

Not only possessing an impressive appearance, the spacious space inside Quang Ninh museum also makes visitors admire even more.

With 3 floors of themed exhibits, the museum will give you the most complete view of nature and people here.

+ Floor 1: Space of the sea and nature

The first floor of Quang Ninh Museum is an exhibition space with the theme of the sea and nature.

Here, visitors will admire the skeletons of giant whales and sharks. Even more outstanding are the LED screens that provide visitors with very useful knowledge about the sea, the evolutionary history of the ocean floor. If you are a lover of nature and the sea, you must not miss this first floor area.

+ 2nd floor: Exhibition area of relics and artifacts of historical value

Stepping up to the 2nd floor, visitors will get lost in the historical world with many models and artifacts from the periods: prehistory – early history – modern.

These display areas are very unique and vivid about the changes in the lives of Quang Ninh people through each period. In addition, the 2nd floor is also where you can learn information about famous historical sites in Quang Ninh such as Dong Yen Tu Pagoda, Ha Long Bay,…

+ 3rd floor: Recreate the entire history of coal mining industry

Coal mining is one of the symbols of Quang Ninh people. Therefore, the museum has dedicated the 3rd floor area to reproduce the most detailed activities of this industry. The coal mine models with the same size or the statues depicting the mining methods of the workers will give visitors the best view of this hard work.

Quang Ninh Museum is currently the hottest tourist destination in Ha Long. Not only is it a check-in mecca for young people, but it also brings many surprises and interesting things to visitors when visiting.