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arcady shuttle bus - hanoi to cat ba transfer


Hanoi to Cat Ba transfer – All you need to know
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Cat Ba is a beautiful and extremely romantic island in Hai Phong City, this place is always on the list of the most worthy destinations in the North. Just hold on for a second, how to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island? Keep on reading our guidelines for Hanoi to Cat Ba transfer to […]

cat ba island


Top things to do in Cat Ba Island
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Cat Ba Island is located in Hai Phong Province, about 2 hours driving from Hanoi City. There are numerous beaches around the side of the island which are clean and smooth with crystal-clear blue water. Cat Ba is home to the largest area of tropical forests in Vietnam with the diverse and rare fauna and […]

cai beo floating village on lan ha bay


Lan Ha Bay floating villages
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Known as the sister of the wonderful Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay also owns the impressive karst landscape with hundreds of towering karst islands and islets emerging from the emerald water. Thanks to its peaceful view and more private atmosphere, Lan Ha Bay has become more famous to visitors who wish to spend their vacation […]

Lan Ha Bay - Photo from Arcady Cruise


Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay, where should we go?
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You may have heard of Ha Long Bay – our famous world heritage site. Sometimes when talking about most famous bays in the northern Vietnam, you may hear a lot of names like Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay. These names may make you confused a bit. In this article, we […]

lan ha bay 1 day tour


Lan Ha Bay 1 day tour – A journey to the Wonderland
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Home to the breathtaking limestone landscape like its world-famous sister – Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is going to get more attention of international and domestic visitors thanks to its scenic bay view, the fresh air plus with the clear and lush green water. If you prefer somewhere less touristy then Lan Ha is such […]

arcady cruise - lan ha bay


Lan Ha Bay – Explore the untouched sister of Halong Bay
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Have you ever heard of Lan Ha Bay – a new attractive destination to explore the breathtaking limestone landscape in Vietnam. Located quite near Halong Bay, Lan Ha is less touristy and promises to be more well-known among those who prefer somewhere more untouched. Ready to explore the charming bay with us?       […]