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When should to Visit Halong Bay

When should to Visit Halong Bay

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Travel planning is the ultimate way to take on a stress-free vacation to Halong Bay. However, it is sometimes stressful because there are many things to take into consideration such as when is the best time to visit Halong Bay? How to achieve a smooth and fun-filled journey? With first-hand knowledge and deep insight about Halong Bay, our complete guide below will hopefully make everything easier for you.

Best Time by Weather

Featuring the tropical hot climate of Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay weather is characterized by two distinct patterns: hot & humid summer and cold winter. Between these seasons, there are also transitional seasons called spring and autumn in a short period of time.

Spring (March to April): Pleasant, dry weather makes spring among the best time to go on an overnight trip to the bay. The temperatures range between 18°C and 23°C. During these months, you can also expect to soak up the gentle sunshine and little rainfall, perfect for sightseeing excursions and outdoor activities.

Summer (May to September): Regarded as the off-peak season, especially for foreigners, the hot and humid summer can be really irritated and harsh for travelers. Extreme heat usually lasts all day long, 30°C on average so sunscreen is very essential. The hottest months are June, July, and August. In addition, August receives the highest precipitation and high risks of storms. Despite that, on the plus side, summer enables beach bums to freely enjoy a dip in the cool water and take part in multiple water-based activities. Budget-minded travelers can also save a great sum of money since many tour operations offer promotions, discounts during this season.

Autumn (Late September – October): Lasting too short but autumn is always the best season of the year. This is also the second peak tourist season in Halong Bay. Your cruise vacation will also be more tempting with less rain and more sunshine, ideal for going out.

Winter (November – February): Winter without a doubt is the coldest time of the year. The temperatures drop down to around 10°C and 20°C and the weather is dry. Therefore, swimming is almost impossible during this time and thick fog in the early morning may obstruct your vision. One plus point of winter is that this is the festival season with several important occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Lunar New Year.

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